Age Discrimination Q & A

I am under the age of 40, but I am being discriminated against for my age; do I have any recourse?
There is no current law which prevents someone from discriminating against you for being too young or for your age whatsoever if you are under the age of 40. The age discrimination laws discussed above and the cases which Atlanta age discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby handles are for employees and job applicants 40 years and older.

I am an older employee, I probably will have a difficult time finding a job since being terminated for my age, what should I do?
Contact an Atlanta age discrimination lawyer as soon as possible. Older employees typically have a harder time finding employment after termination, and the employment they can find often pays less and is at a lower position than that they enjoyed during their prior employment. You can be compensated for lost wages, even if you find new employment, if you have been terminated because of your age. Also, if you are an older employee, benefits become acutely important as you age. You can recoup costs for increases in health insurance and other expenses which you would have received had you not been terminated because of your age, and an experienced Atlanta age discrimination lawyer at Brandon Hornsby, P.C. can aid you with this.

How do I know if I have waived my ADEA rights?
Sometimes employers will require an employee to waive any claim he or she has under the ADEA. Even if you have signed such a waiver, it is still important to contact Atlanta age discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby as often such waivers are actually invalid due to the number of requirements associated with them. Furthermore, if your employer asks you to sign an ADEA waiver in conjunction with an exit agreement or severance package, contact Atlanta age discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby before doing so as you might be waiving an important claim as well as he might be able to negotiate a more equitable severance package for you.