Defamation Q & A

What is the difference between slander and libel?
Slander is a type of defamation that is spoken, as in, if someone is spreading vicious rumors or speaking untrue statements which are injurious to your character. Libel, on the other hand, is a written or visually documented defamatory statement. Libel can be written text or photographs or doctored works which are harmful your character. Atlanta defamation lawyer Brandon Hornsby is experienced in dealing with both types of defamation and will work for you to ensure such attacks cease and that you are compensated for injury to your character and reputation.

What should I do if I have been defamed?
Evidence of defamation is key in proving your claim. Before contacting Atlanta defamation lawyer Brandon Hornsby, you should take steps to preserve any evidence of defamation you have. If you have any documents which show you have been libeled or any people to verify another has been spreading slanderous rumors about you and ruining your good name and character, it is helpful (though not necessary) to have those documents or names assembled when having your free consultation with Atlanta defamation lawyer Brandon Hornsby.

Does the person I want to sue have any defenses for defaming me?
The typical “defense” to defamation is that the statement, whether oral or written, was true. If a person is running around town saying or writing things which are hurtful but are in fact true statements, they may be able to defend themselves against you. However, let Atlanta defamation lawyer Brandon Hornsby decide what is true and untrue. Even if statements are true but meant to be private, there can be legal recourse for a plaintiff whose character has been harmed.