Firm Profile

Brandon Hornsby, P.C. is an Atlanta civil rights law firm dedicated to pursuing justice and fighting for the rights of ordinary people. The hallmark of our firm is an unrelenting commitment to our clients' cases. We believe that the judicial system should work for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

This Atlanta civil rights law firm conducts a broad civil rights practice and we welcome and embrace people who have limited resources and who could not otherwise pursue the compensation they deserve. We understand that it is a difficult decision to hire a lawyer, but that individuals who have been injured need someone with experience to level the playing field when they face an uphill battle against corporate entities with seemingly endless legal resources. At Atlanta civil rights law firm, Brandon Hornsby, PC, we emphasize communication with our clients, persistent advocacy, and particular detail to the totality of your claim. We pride ourselves in looking out for the immediate needs and long-term interests of all our clients.

Ultimately, as an Atlanta civil rights law firm and as individuals, we are committed to three core objectives: providing legal services of the highest quality for ordinary people, maintaining the highest standards of conduct and ethics during our representation and giving back to the very people who make our practice possible through community stewardship.