Police Brutality Q & A

What activities does police brutality involve?
The Atlanta police brutality lawyer team at Brandon Hornsby, P.C. wants you to know that police brutality does not only mean physical violence against you. Police brutality is an over-arching term which refers to verbal attacks, physical attacks, excessive use of force, and threats. False arrest, sexual abuse and demands, and intimidation all fall into the general category of police brutality, and if you feel you have been treated wrongfully by a police officer, it is important that you quickly contact an experienced Atlanta police brutality lawyer to discuss your claim.

Who does police brutality usually affect?
Since police are involved in every aspect of our society, the concern over police brutality permeates our interactions with the men in blue. Generally, studies show that minorities are typically the subject of police brutality, ranging from racial profiling to physical violence. Anyone can be the subject of an abuse of power by a police officer, and if you feel you are in such a situation, contact Atlanta police brutality lawyer Brandon Hornsby.

What can I do to end police brutality?
Do not be a silent victim! The various police forces in Georgia will only become better, more civilized forces if you stand up and speak out for being wronged. It can be extremely intimidating to stand up against those who seemingly control our freedom, but it is important the police do not overstep their boundaries and your personal civil rights. If you feel you have been treated wrongfully by a police officer, call Atlanta police brutality lawyer Brandon Hornsby to discuss the matter.