[Retaliation]Retaliation against victims of discrimination and harassment who have spoken out and reported such behavior is all too common in this society, and it is just illegal as the underlying discrimination. In 2005, the EEOC received some 23,000 charges of retaliation nationwide. The Atlanta retaliation attorney team at Brandon Hornsby, P.C. understands the gumption it took to stand up and report a certain behavior to either a superior in your company or to a federal agency or the authorities. You should not be terminated, demoted, harassed, or treated any different than you were before the report.

Retaliation also happens when employees are terminated for speaking out against illegal behaviors or actions on behalf of employees or their employer, commonly known as whistleblowing. Whistleblower law is somewhat different from other types of retaliation in that there are different laws and regulations which apply to their employment, but Atlanta retaliation attorney Brandon Hornsby has significant experience handling all types of retaliation claims. It is important to note that if you turn your employer in for a bogus claim, that is, you knew your employer did nothing illegal but reported them to authorities for doing something illegal, your employer may terminate you for doing so and this is not usually considered retaliation.

The law prohibits retaliation against whistleblowers just as it prevents coercion, intimidation, threats, harassment, and interference in your ability to work. If your work environment has changed for the worse since you opposed discrimination or made a whistleblower, it is crucial you contact the EEOC and Atlanta retaliation attorney Brandon Hornsby and discuss your work environment and the changes in it.