Sexual Harassment Q & A

What should I do if I feel I am sexually harassed?
Oftentimes, sexual harassment can leave a victim embarrassed and scared to react or attempt to stop the harassment. This worsens the work environment. Atlanta sexual harassment lawyer Brandon Hornsby wants you to stand up for your rights and will aid you in doing so. If you feel like you are being sexually harassed, you should report this harassment to your superior or to human resources and utilize any grievance system or complaint system your employer has. If the harassment does not cease, contact an experienced Atlanta sexual harassment lawyer who will help you file a lawsuit or a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission ("EEOC").

What are some types of Sexual Harassment?
Sexual harassment varies substantially as to the specific situation. It could encompass several or none of the conducts listed below and still be sexual harassment. Therefore, you should not hesitate to contact an Atlanta sexual harassment lawyer to discuss your claim. Your harasser could demand sexual favors from you in exchange for your ability to retain your job or secure a promotion or other employment opportunity. Your harasser could physically touch you in inappropriate places, once, or repeatedly. Your harasser could verbally harass you with a barrage of inappropriate, tasteless comments that make you feel uncomfortable. If your harasser is making your work environment unbearable due to his or her harassment, contact an Atlanta sexual harassment lawyer immediately.

My situation doesn't quite fit the above types; how do I know if I have been sexually harassed?
Sexual harassment is any unwelcome attention or behavior of a sexual nature. The totality of the circumstances is taken into account when determining whether a behavior is or is not harassment, including the duration, severity, and pervasiveness of the harassment. The best rule of thumb is if you feel you are the subject of inappropriate sexual advances, innuendos, or behavior, report this behavior to your supervisor or human resources and contact an Atlanta sexual harassment lawyer to help you understand your rights. Don't let yourself remain a victim.