Workplace Discrimination

Atlanta workplace discrimination attorney Brandon Hornsby believes everyone is entitled to a safe workplace where they are judged based on the product of their character and work and where their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and country of origin do not play a factor in their employment. Age and disability further must not be taken into account adversely against an employee. Atlanta workplace discrimination attorney Brandon Hornsby knows that if discrimination or harassment exists in a workplace, it can make the environment so hostile and intolerable that it can legitimately prevent you from being able to be an effective employee. Your productivity declines, you cannot focus, and you are being placed in a terrible position due to a factor which is out of your control.

Workplace discrimination can also happen in a variety of situations such as in whisteblower cases. Whistleblowing is the term commonly used in situations in which a brave employee exposes an illegal practice by an employer and then is treated differently after doing so. Atlanta workplace discrimination attorney Brandon Hornsby knows that this is wrong and wants to work with you to find you compensation and equitable relief if your employer has ruined your workplace and ability to be productive.

The Atlanta workplace discrimination attorney team at Brandon Hornsby, P.C. is a highly capable and skilled litigation group with experience in the state and federal standards for an employer. Contact us to discuss your workplace environment and any unfair treatment, discrimination, harassment, or retaliation you are being subjected to.