Wrongful Termination

[Wrongful Termination]In Georgia, most employment is at-will, which means an employer can fire you for no cause, good cause, or bad cause, but cannot fire you for a discriminatory cause if you are in a protected class. Many people do not even realize it when they are a member of a protected class or have a contract claim, and therefore, anyone distressed over losing their job should contact an Atlanta wrongful discharge attorney to discuss a potential claim. You cannot be terminated, demoted, or otherwise have an adverse action taken against you by an employer because of your race, gender, age, disability, or any of the other important protected classes. You can be terminated for a seemingly bogus reason, as in, if you and your boss do not get along based on personality conflict. Atlanta wrongful termination attorney Brandon Hornsby should be consulted upon termination, and he can determine if your termination was illegal and if you are part of a class given protection by the law.

Suing in Georgia would not be suing for 'wrongful termination' per se, even though that is what happened. Instead, Atlanta wrongful termination attorney Brandon Hornsby would sue on your behalf for discrimination, retaliation, defamation, sexual harassment, breach of contract, breach of good faith, constructive discharge, or whatever the action it was which caused an employer to wrongfully terminate you. As Atlanta wrongful termination attorney Brandon Hornsby will discuss with you, if you quit because your employer made your workplace intolerable for whatever reason and any other reasonable employee would be forced to quit in similar circumstances, you could sue your employer for constructive discharge.

Regardless of how you and your employer parted ways, it is wise to contact an Atlanta wrongful termination attorney to discuss your termination or resignation to ensure you have not been taken advantage of. It is crucial to contact an attorney and file a complaint with your HR department and the EEOC quickly after being terminated as often there are time deadlines in filing claims against employers for wrongful termination. If you think you have been terminated wrongfully, call an Atlanta wrongful termination attorney at Brandon Hornsby, P.C. today.