Gender Discrimination Q & A

Does the law only provide for protection for women?
No, the law extends gender discrimination protection to men and women alike. While women are typically seen as being the gender discriminated against, as our society evolves, men too can be discriminated against. Anyone feeling discriminated against due to his or her gender should contact Atlanta gender discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby to discuss a potential case.

What about transgendered individuals who are being discriminated against?
Transgendered individuals are increasingly being discriminated against because, like any minority, they are different. Transgendered individuals can have an extremely difficult time finding and retaining work. Atlanta gender discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby will fight for you no matter what gender you are or what gender you identify with.

Is there any protection for discrimination against pregnant women?
The law does provide for protection for pregnant employees. If you are terminated or demoted due to your pregnancy, treated differently than other employees or not hired due to your pregnancy, contact Atlanta gender discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby as both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the FMLA, and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act afford you protection.