Can the MSPB make a ruling in my case?
The MSPB adjudicates employee appeals of personnel actions which it has jurisdiction to review as well as a number other employee complaints and requests to review regulations of the Office of Personnel Management. If you are having a problem with your federal employer and believe you are not being promoted properly or have had some other adverse personnel action taken against you by biased or unfair agency management, you should contact an Atlanta MSPB lawyer to make sure that you follow the proper procedures through MSPB process.

What kind of things does the MSPB review?
The MSPB reviews all sorts of personnel actions taken by or not taken by your federal employer. Removal, long-term suspension, reductions in pay or grade, denials of promotion, reductions in force, and retirement matters are all generally handled by the MSPB. Our Atlanta MSPB lawyers are familiar with all of these areas and you should contact us to discuss how the MSPB can help with your case.

How soon after a personnel action that I disagree with takes place should I contact the MSPB?
There are time limits for filing complaints with the MSPB. Typically the time limit for filing an appeal with the MSPB of a personnel action is 30 days, so as soon as you feel you are not being treated equitably within the federal employment system, you should contact the Atlanta MSPB lawyer Brandon Hornsby to help you file a complaint with the MSPB.