National Origin Discrimination Q & A

Are all employers covered under the law?
Employers with 4 or more employees are covered by the laws against national origin discrimination, although there are certain exceptions. If you feel you have been treated differently because of your nation of origin, you should contact an Atlanta national origin discrimination lawyer to discuss your potential case and whether your employer is covered by the law.

Can a job application ask me to identify my national origin?
Many job applications will ask you to list your national origin, usually for purposes of their own diversity-monitoring or even to use in compliance with government diversity schemes or affirmative action. Usually listing your national origin is optional. If you feel you have been prevented from getting a job you were qualified for due to your national origin, or you were forcibly required to list it, speak with an Atlanta national origin discrimination lawyer.

I believe I am being discriminated against because I have a thick accent; what should I do?
As in all employment discrimination cases, an experienced Atlanta national origin discrimination lawyer can show that you have been discriminated against because you are different, in this case, because you have an accent which is part of your national origin. The burden of proof then shifts to the employer to defend their reason for discriminating against you and the employer must come up with a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason for taking adverse actions against you or not promoting you. If your accent is causing problems in your workplace and you are being treated differently because of it, contact the Atlanta national origin discrimination law firm of Brandon Hornsby, P.C.