Race Discrimination Q & A

I am white but still feel have been discriminated against. Do I have any recourse?
Absolutely. The Supreme Court of our nation has held, in cases like McDonald v. Santa Fe Trail Transportation Co., that Title VII protection was intended to extend to cover white men and white women and all Americans. No matter what your color, Atlanta race discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby will investigate your claim and determine if an employer has discriminated against you and will take the steps towards getting you recourse unjust actions.

Are racial slurs considered discrimination?
While it depends on a number of factors, racial slurs in a certain context and frequency by someone in your workplace do classify as harassment, which is considered racial discrimination. If you are in a workplace where racial slurs are used and you are offended by them, contact race discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby to discuss the context of the slurs and your workplace environment.

Can I be assigned to specific job duties because of my race?
If you are being singled out for job duties outside of the scope of your employment which your coworkers of another race are not being asked to do, you could be entitled to damages for such treatment and should contact Atlanta race discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby. If you are assigned to a specific job or given a job duty for a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason, then your employer may not be doing something illegal, but an experienced Atlanta race discrimination lawyer should be contacted to help with the evaluation.