Religious Discrimination Q & A

Am I entitled to pay for religious leave if my employer will grant it?
No, you are not legally entitled to be paid for religious leave, however an employer could agree to pay you if you agreed to make up the time otherwise. An employer could allow you to charge the time to your other built up pays like vacation pay, but not sick pay. Most employers will grant leave without pay for religious holidays and observances but if you are unsure, speak with your human resources department and contact an experienced Atlanta religious discrimination lawyer for advice.

Can I be discriminated against for employment by a religious organization?
It depends on the circumstances, but generally religious organizations are exempted from certain federal laws concerning religious discrimination. Our Atlanta religious discrimination lawyer team is familiar with the exemptions religious organizations enjoy and you should contact us if you feel you are not being treated differently by a religious organization due to your religion. An example which would be legal is if a Baptist church has a policy to only hire Baptist employees. This is probably legal, however if they are refusing to hire a Baptist employee who is from Iran merely because he is Iranian, that would be an illegal practice which you should share with Atlanta religious discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby.

Can I be prevented from wearing a certain article of clothing which is part of my religious beliefs but contrary to the work dress code?
Many religions require their members to wear certain articles of clothing or symbols. Members of certain Jewish sects, for example, wear yarmulkes. Atlanta religious discrimination attorney Brandon Hornsby believes you should be allowed to wear what you want to pay homage to your religion and will investigate your situation and determine if you have the right to wear clothing in line with your religion or if it would place an undue burden on your employer.