Retaliation Q & A

What types of things are protected under retaliation laws?
Atlanta retaliation lawyer Brandon Hornsby knows retaliation encompasses a variety of actions. Generally, speaking out or reporting discrimination or harassment, reporting employer violations of laws to the authorities, inquiring about reasonable employee benefits, and acting as a witness for the government against your employer all make you eligible for retaliation protection.

Does retaliation include union employees?
Our Atlanta retaliation lawyers realize that often employees decide to join unions to be able to participate in collective bargaining agreements. An employer may not discriminate against you for joining a union, or, for that matter, starting a union. Furthermore, if you chose not to join a union, the union and the employer may not retaliate against you for that choice and if you feel you are being retaliated against for your involvement with a union or your lack of involvement, you should contact an Atlanta retaliation lawyer.

What do I need to do to show I have been retaliated against?
There are a number of elements Atlanta retaliation lawyer Brandon Hornsby will prove in your case to show you have been retaliated against. If you reasonably and genuinely believe you have been retaliated against for some reason, you should contact the EEOC and file a complaint. You should then contact an experienced Atlanta retaliation lawyer to discuss your possible claim and future steps to take in your case as well as what type of relief you are entitled to.