Ethnic Discrimination Q & A

Can I be discriminated against for being of English descent?
Yes, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against any race, ethnicity or national origin. Simply because a person of English descent is not typically considered a minority does not mean they are not afforded the same protection in the law as any other group. Contact an Atlanta ethnic discrimination lawyer today to evaluate the merits of your case and discuss your situation.

I am being treated differently from my coworkers due to stereotypes about my ethnicity; what should I do?
Stereotypes are terribly destructive in our society and only reinforce hateful and unjust ideas. If adverse or unfair actions are being taken against you because you are being lumped into a certain category or class of people based on your ethnicity, contact Atlanta ethnic discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby and explain to him how you are being stereotyped.

Can ethnic organizations discriminate in hiring?
Ethnic organizations are different from religious organizations in that they do not typically have exemptions from prohibitions in discrimination. Whereas a Catholic church can choose only to hire Catholic employees, the same is not necessarily true of an ethnic organization. However, there may be exceptions for various organizations that are classified as clubs and are comprised of volunteers and not actual employees. If you have a question about your employment with such an organization, contact someone at the Atlanta ethnic discrimination lawyer team at Brandon Hornsby, P.C.