Ethnic Discrimination

Ethnic discrimination is similar to race and national origin discrimination, but rests more on a person’s culture or ethnicity. Ethnic discrimination, like race and national origin discrimination, is against the law, and our Atlanta ethnic discrimination attorney team can help you recoup damages for any adverse actions taken against you by your employer simply because of your ethnicity.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in hiring, promotion, termination, pay, benefits, and other aspects of employment on the basis of ethnicity. There are various other laws which prohibit specific types of employment discrimination against ethnic groups, like laws specially prohibiting it in the federal government or in federal government contracts. If you feel you are in any way being treated different because you are a different ethnicity than your coworkers, you should consult with an Atlanta ethnic discrimination attorney to discuss your situation.

Ethnicity, like race or national origin, is an immutable characteristic, one which we were born with or did not choose. It is unconscionable therefore that discrimination against something that a person cannot help still exists in our society. Atlanta ethnic discrimination attorney Brandon Hornsby wants to work with you to stop ethnic discrimination in the workplace. A person should be judged based on his or her character and work product, not because of a factor wholly out of his or her control. If you feel you are being unfairly treated due to your ethnicity or culture, contact Atlanta ethnic discrimination attorney Brandon Hornsby to discuss your options and potential case.