Workplace Discrimination Q & A

Does the law provide for protection for sexual orientation?
The law generally does not currently provide for protection against discrimination for sexual orientation, but you should contact someone at the Atlanta workplace discrimination lawyer team at Brandon Hornsby, P.C. regardless to discuss your workplace environment and employer and claims. There may be alternative forms of recovery, and you may have different claims than you realize, and often times if an employer is discriminating against one class of people, there are others being discriminated against as well.

What should I do if I am being discriminated against in my workplace?
First review your employee handbook or any relevant policies related to reporting a complaint. Contact your employer in accordance with the procedures in your employee handbook and report whatever problem you are having, usually to the Human Resources department. Many employers have internal processes and procedures set up in place that they require you go through, and it is important that you follow them carefully. If the discrimination does not cease or your employer does not comply with your standards, contact the Atlanta workplace discrimination lawyer firm of Brandon Hornsby, P.C.

What forms does workplace discrimination come in?
Workplace discrimination can come in a variety of forms. The bottom line, as you will be instructed by a good Atlanta workplace discrimination lawyer, is that if you feel you are being treated differently from your employees, you need to contact Atlanta workplace discrimination lawyer Brandon Hornsby and discuss your workplace with someone in our office.